CTS-Approved BrightSign & BrightAuthor Training Classes

Course Name Length/RUs Description    Learning Objectives
BrightSign 101 60-90min
0.75 RUs
This session offers an introduction to the Series 3 players, teaches the differences between model, and provides a general overview of what types of digital signage applications are appropriate for each model. You’ll also learn about BrightSign’s total signage solution using BrightAuthor software and the various BrightSign networking solutions including the BrightSign Network as well as options for using partner CMS’s to create and manage your digital signage content.
  1. Choose the right BrightSign player for an installation
  2. Understand the basics of using BrightAuthor to create presentations
  3. Select the correct networking solution for various applications.
BrightAuthor Basics 60-90min
0.75 RUs
This session will take you on a tour of the vast canvas of features that are in BrightAuthor software to build presentations that run on BrightSign players as well as how to manage, publish and monitor your signage network. Learn about the key BrightAuthor features and how to create simple presentations using those features. Get step-by-step instructions on how to create full-screen looping, zoned layout, HTML5, Live Text and BrightWall™ presentations for a variety of applications.
  1. Successfully use BrightAuthor to setup a BrightSign unit
  2. Gain an in-depth knowledge on BrightSign’s key and new features
  3. Learn the steps to create basic signage presentations including full-screen looping, zoned layout, HTML5, Live Text and BrightWall™ presentations.
Interactive & Control BrightAuthor Presentations 60-90min
0.75 RUs
Learn how to create engaging signage using BrightAuthor and interactive technologies such as touch screens, GPIOs, USB buttons, social media, HTML5, the BrightSign App, BrightBeacon and more. The possibilities are endless to create signage that enhances the level of participation with signage and creates a lasting impression.
  1. Understand the types of interactivity and controls that can be added BrightAuthor presentations
  2. Learn the process of creating interactive playlists and using interactive HTML5 assets
  3. Learn how to add and customize interactive controls such as touch, GPIOs, USB buttons and UDP commands
Advanced BrightSign Techniques 60-90min
0.75 RUs
Build advanced signage presentations containing HTML5 and IP Streaming techniques. Easily use HTML5 tools that are ubiquitous in today’s content development to create signage presentations. Learn the best practices for adding HTML5 content to BrightSign presentations as well as ideas for new ways to create, display and engage with BrightSign digital signage using HTML5. In addition, understand how BrightSign supports IP Streaming and how players can be used as IP Streaming servers.
  1. Gain in-depth, knowledge on how HTML5 assets are used in BrightSign presentations
  2. Understand the advanced techniques to successfully implement HTML5, JavaScript objects, CSS and WebGL for BrightSign players
  3. Learn how BrightSign players can play a various IP Streams as well as how to configure players to act as an IP Streaming Server

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