BrightSign and Rockbot Keep Johnny Rockets Rockin’

LOS GATOS, CA – (May 19, 2016) – BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage players, today announced a collaboration with Rockbot to update digital signage networks in the Johnny Rockets chain of American diner-themed hamburger restaurants. With more than 215 locations worldwide, the chain is using digital signage to update its digital menu boards, while introducing an interactive component to the dining experience via the Rockbot smart music and media platform.

“The diner theme is a memorable component of the customer experience at Johnny Rockets, with music being at the core of that experience,” said Masen Ewald, Rockbot’s director of marketing. “The Rockbot platform is a great modern twist on the classic jukebox model, bringing listeners into the mix to personalize the experience even further.”

Wall-mounted displays powered by BrightSign’s XD digital signage media players are placed behind the counter and at other strategic points throughout the restaurant. Some of the displays feature menu items, while others are dedicated to entertainment – namely music content driven by the Rockbot smart music and media platform.

“BrightSign and Rockbot work together to form a compelling solution that marries video and music along with social media in a very unique way,” said Jeff Hastings, BrightSign’s CEO. “Johnny Rockets now features updated digital menu boards, with music entertainment to enliven the dining experience.”

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