Outdoor Video Art Display

BrightSign Implementation

  • Four permanent video display built into the sidewalk have been installed outside the newly refurbished Howick Place, London
  • These displays are Flasma's first weather-proof outdoor models installed anywhere in the world
  • BrightSign players provide input to the screens, delivering synchronised video footage created by acclaimed British artist Idris Khan
  • BrightSign scripts ensure the content is synchronised, according to the artist's wishes, at seven o'clock every morning.
"In the past we have used PC based solutions with various different software packages installed. BrightSign offered much better value-for-money while providing simplicity and a good range of features, all in a small, cost effective package. The quality of the players is outstanding. We really appreciated the excellent support from the Roku team and in particular their fast response times."- Flasma Manager Chris Porter