Power Supplies

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Replacement power adaptors for all BrightSign models are available on our web store. Each includes 4 international power plugs for USA, UK, Australia and EU.

Replacement power adaptors are available for all Series 2 and Series 3 players. Select Buy Now to go to our web store and choose the power supply compatible with your player as specified here:

  • PN: PA-W12V3A-MLX2 - Compatible Products: XD233, XD1033, XT243, XT1143
  • PN: PA-W12V1.5A-3.5 - Compatible Products: HD223, HD1023
  • PN: PA-W5V2A-USB - Compatible Products: LS423
  • PN: 4K-PWR-WW - Compatible Products: 4K242, 4K1042, 4K1142
  • PN: PA-WWAK-1 - Compatible Products: HD110, HD120, HD210, HD210w, HD220, HD410, HD810, HD1010, HD1010w, HD1020, HD222, HD1022
  • PN: PA-LSAK-1 - LS322, LS422

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BrightSign, LLC is a privately held company located in Los Gatos, California founded in 2002 by Anthony Wood, the inventor of the digital video recorder (DVR) and Roku. BrightSign is the global market leader in digital signage media players, as reported by IHS every single quarter from 2013 to present in its "Global Market for Digital Signage" research study, which publishes market share of all media players and PC-based signage solutions combined. BrightSign players are known for their signature reliability, affordability and ease-of-use by the commercial digital signage market worldwide.


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