BrightSign App

Updating your locally networked signage has never been so easy! The free BrightSign App automatically detects locally networked BrightSign players and displays user variables and events from your presentation.

What it is

The BrightSign App allows you to easily interact with locally networked signage using your iPad, iPhone or Android device. This app is perfect for menu board updates, retail installations, emergency messaging, and more.

This free app offers a simple interface on your Android or iOS device to select any BrightSign player connected to a local network, and then change user variables for the current presentation or trigger presentation events and transitions.

How it works

All locally connected BrightSign players are automatically detected. Once you select a player, controls for that player's presentation are immediately available for real time interaction.


  • Locally connected BrightSign players are automatically detected.
  • Any connected player can be selected for control or management.
  • User variables and events are automatically displayed for each selected unit, allowing direct user input and interaction with the running presentation.
  • Custom event triggers can be added directly within the app.
  • The Diagnostic tools for each unit can be directly accessed and managed.
  • Players can be password-protected for security.
  • Compatible with BrightAuthor v4.x or later.

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