IP Streaming Server

Serve IP video streams from BrightSign HD, XD and XT

  • BrightSign HD: streams transport stream (.ts) files from local storage to other BrightSign end-points
  • BrightSign XD: transcodes (decodes & re-encodes) transport stream files on local storage allowing you to change the bitrate or resize content, then stream to end-points
  • BrightSign XT: transcodes files on local storage and from the HDMI Input to stream to a number of end-points - NEW: now up to 60fps


  • Securely distribute video to a set of devices without locally storing the content on the end-point device.
  • Serve IP video streams from a BrightSign player's local storage to distribute video to a network of devices:
    • Supports MPEG transport stream (*.ts) video files.
    • Clients can be networked BrightSign players, PCs, Macs, mobile devices, etc.
    • Supports RTP, UDP, HLS in unicast or multicast.
    • Stream multiple video files simultaneously with BrightSign XD & XT players.

Models with this feature:

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