BrightSign Technology Transforms Learning for 5,000 Students

The UCL University College, Denmark on Niels Bohrs Allé aims to provide the most realistic and immersive training possible for its students. To achieve this goal, UCL recently deployed an innovative audiovisual (AV) simulation system powered by BrightSign technology. The project was implemented by Schmidts Radio A/S who create unique AV-solutions for both cultural and educational institutions in Scandinavia.

The technology has been used to assist learning for 5,000 students across 8 different programmes.

The Challenge

Previously, UCL students had exclusively been learning in a traditional classroom setting with limited ability to simulate real-world environments. The school wanted to create a more realistic training experience within a compact space, without the cost and logistics of transporting students offsite, whether that be to clinics or hospitals for nursing students or shooting locations for drama students.

The school envisioned an AV solution that could transform a single small, 40mq2 room into a variety of settings with the push of a button. Students would be able to practice skills in a hospital room or operating theatre or explore a variety of scenes featured in a short film. The system also needed to provide matching ambient sounds for each scene to add to the realism.

The key criteria were usability, functionality, and ability to synchronise various components. The school had never deployed a solution of this kind before so a creation process that was swift and efficient was important to reach implementation as soon as possible.

The AV solution would need to work in harmony with the physical props able to be placed within the room to assist with learning such as a chair or table arranged as they would be in real life.

The Solution

After seeing a demo of an interactive display table by Schmidts Radio, the UCL team approached them to create a similar, high-quality, customised simulation system. Schmidts Radio designed a solution using BrightSign’s new powerful XC5 as the central control hub, to manage two Epson short throw laser projectors, lighting, and audio components that has the capability to simulate six different learning scenarios.

BrightSign’s flexibility and advanced capabilities made it the ideal choice to power the complex, synchronised system. Using the revolutionary multi-screen performance, the school can seamlessly switch between six different simulated environments at the touch of a button panel, with no other interaction needed. This simplifies use for instructors while providing students with an incredibly realistic learning experience.

A wide variety of students can make use of the solution. For example, the tech has been used by nursing students to transform instantly from a hospital setting to an operating theatre, elderly care facility, or any required medical scene using cutting-edge 8K video and high-quality graphics power and support. Equally, the room has also been set up to immerse drama students in a simulation of an enchanting forest. Projectors display scene-appropriate visuals on the walls and furnishings, while directional audio provides ambient background sounds. Lighting shifts automatically to match the location.

The Benefits

There are a number of key benefits for UCL using BrightSign technology implemented by Schmidts Radio.

  • Immersive simulations aid learning – studies show medical students retain skills better when learned in realistic settings
  • Increased efficiency – no need to transport students to alternate locations
  • Teaching was able to move from a classroom/lecture hall to a small room with the technology applied, easily and without losing teaching time
  • Flexible training – scenes can change instantly to match lesson plans
  • Intuitive operation – easy for instructors to control via a simple button panel
    • The end user, UCL, does not need to interact with anything but the end solution allowing them to focus on teaching rather than the technological setup up which has all been provided by Schmidts Radio. Teaching staff only need to choose from a six-button control panel that allows them to swap between scenarios
  • Enhanced reputation – leading-edge training draws attention from other learning institutions
  • Scalable solution – additional scenarios can be added as needed

In particular, the nursing program is already seeing tremendous interest from other schools who want to learn more about UCL’s innovative use of the seamless BrightSign-powered simulation technology. The ability to recreate real-world environments right in the classroom is transforming the nursing education experience and other institutions can see the benefit of this integration.


This collaborative case study highlights BrightSign’s transformative potential in education. By combining their expertise with UCL’s vision and Schmidts Radio’s technical input, the partners created an integrated solution that takes student teaching to the next level through immersive simulation. This project sets a new standard for hands-on learning, unlocking more effective training methods.

Learning using this approach is not yet commonplace in educational institutions but has huge implications, helping students immerse themselves in possible real-life scenarios and preparing them for a future beyond the classroom.

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