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BrightSign® digital media players create captivating experiences that educate, entertain, inform, and inspire. Powerful enough for professionals yet easy to use, BrightSign players and BrightSignOS™ deliver brilliant performance, unrivaled security, and legendary reliability out-of-the-box. Whether you are powering one screen or thousands, there’s a BrightSign player for you.

2M+ BrightSigns Sold
Rated 4.8/5 by 2,127 Reviews
#1 In Global Market Share
Sideview image of BrightSign XC5 and XD5 digital signage playersSideview of BrightSign XC5 and XD5 digital media players
graphic made up of the dots seen on the sides of the BrightSign XC5

Bring Your Brightest Ideas to Life with Series 5

Get to know the most advanced digital signage players ever.

Powered by Purple

Here’s why BrightSign is considered the most trusted, most capable, and most powerful media player in the digital signage industry.

Captivating Experiences

In today’s fast-paced world, brands are looking for unique ways to capture attention. From the world’s top retailers and entertainment venues to small businesses, BrightSign digital signage media players and technology create a wide range of experiences that connect and communicate.

  • Create Video Walls with a single player
  • Control Multi-Screen Experiences from any location
  • Deliver powerful Interactive Demos
  • Deploy Digital Signage at scale
  • Power memorable 3D & Immersive experiences
  • Create crisp Audio experiences

Experiences: See what you can create with BrightSign
Two people working out with Funxtion interactive workout screens powered by BrightSign digital signage

Built for Professionals

BrightSign players are designed for commercial applications. Because we want our A/V partners and end users to succeed, we listen carefully and use their feedback to improve and innovate. That’s why thousands of A/V professionals choose BrightSign as their go-to digital signage solution.

  • Legendary reliability and security
  • Complete line-up of industrial-grade players for every application
  • Highest quality 8K and 4K video in the industry
  • Purpose-built operating system, easy to maintain and scale
  • Many add-ons available to power interactivity, lighting and devices
  • Works with popular digital signage CMS software
  • Multiple connectivity options

Meet the BrightSign Players
graphic made up of the dots seen on the sides of the BrightSign XC5

Legendary Reliability

Downtime is costly. Boasting less than 0.1% failure rate, BrightSignOS™ – found exclusively in BrightSign players – powers the most reliable, secure, maintainable and scalable digital signage solution available.

  • Purpose-built OS designed for digital signage
  • Industrial-grade security, configurable to any security profile
  • Solid state design with no moving parts to fail
  • Built to run in extreme environments
  • Low maintenance, self-healing architecture
  • Free OS updates

The Power of Purple: BrightSignOS
Front facing image of the BrightSign XC5 digital media player showing 4 HDMI ports, and the powered by purple logoProduct image of BrightSign XC5 digital signage players from BrightSign Series 5

What is the BrightSign Ecosystem?

The BrightSign Ecosystem is a complete digital signage solution for brands looking to create captivating experiences.
graphic made up of the dots seen on the sides of the BrightSign XC5
Image of WETA workshops futuristic immersive digital signage display with a floating UFO and multi-colored screen showing a futuristic scene powered by BrightSign

What can you do
with BrightSign?

BrightSign players are found in millions of places around the world. Whether you're at the mall, your favorite restaurant, a sporting event or on campus, chances are - you've been captivated by BrightSign's powerful technology.