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Create captivating experiences with easy-to-use tech.

BrightSign Accessories

Purpose-built components from BrightSign to support your digital signage implementations.

MicroSD Cards

Ensure reliable and long-lasting playback.

  • Delivers reliable and secure localized storage
  • Durable, commercial-grade design
  • Store files faster with Class 10 MicroSD cards
  • Provides real-time health monitoring when purchased from BrightSign

WiFi/Bluetooth Module

Expand your player’s connectivity.

  • Implements wireless and Bluetooth functions with an embedded module
  • Self-installed with an M.2 interface connection
  • Supports 802.11 protocols
  • Dual and single antenna module options

BrightSign Mobile

Stay connected with a USB modem and flexible data plans built for signage.

  • Low-profile USB-A connected regional modem for North America (USA + Canada) or Europe
  • Compatible on all BrightSign Series 5 players with a USB port
  • Supports, BrightAuthor:connected & integrated partner CMS solutions
  • Requires a mobile data service plan offered and supported by BrightSign
  • Connects players to the Internet with 4G performance across USA, Canada & Europe

BrightSign Mobile Support

BrightSign Mobile USB drive

USB Button Panels

Professional-grade, capacitive touch button boards.

  • Create reliable interactive experiences with ease with capacitive-touch USB buttons
  • Trigger content playback while providing user feedback with LED lighting
  • Program button operations and lighting to meet your specific needs using BrightAuthor:connected
  • Compatible with all BrightSign players that offer a USB connection
  • Easily integrate into displays with support for custom overlays
  • Available from 4-button to 11-button models

HDMI & USB-C Cables

Create brilliant connected experiences.

  • Supports a variety of connectivity options
  • Runs controls, audio, and advanced peripherals
  • Enables expanded connectivity to players and connected devices
  • Highly-compatible across the BrightSign lineup

IR Remote Control

Easy-to-use, advanced signage control.

  • Enables simplified player management
  • Compatible across the entire BrightSign lineup
  • Simplified installation with USB and 3.5mm connections
  • Sends and receives commands through IR adapter

GPIO Terminal Block

Customize your BrightSign players.

  • Enables stunning interactive signage
  • Enables easy, custom bare wire connections
  • Reliable plug-and-play connectivity
  • Compatible across the entire BrightSign lineup

Power Supplies

Commercial-grade replacement power supplies.

  • Built and sold by BrightSign
  • Backwards compatibility for Series 2, Series 3, and Series 4 players
  • Player specific parts for guaranteed performance
  • Includes four international plugs for USA, UK, Australia, and EU