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Draw in new customers and build brand awareness with interactive and immersive digital signage. Our custom retail solutions will keep them coming back.

Drive Sales With Engaging Digital Signage

We empower retailers to transform the shopping experience with dynamic solutions that captivate customers and increase sales. With a BrightSign solution, you get all the benefits of ecommerce in a traditional retail environment:

  • Capture attention and elevate your brand with prominent displays that spotlight sales, discounts, and special offers.
  • Enhance customer experiences with interactive touchscreens for navigation and checkout, immersive sensory elements for product journeys, and personalized mobile engagement.
  • Understand your audience and drive results by tracking usage data and measuring key analytics.

Selfridges&Co | A Luxury Retail Solution

As one of the best known storefronts in London, Selfridges&Co needed a reliable solution to drive foot traffic and meet their aggressive sales goals. A tailored solution from BrightSign enabled:

  • “Always-on” installation – Drawing attention all day and night
  • Straightforward content creation, integration, and management – Easy for training and maintenance
  • Customer-generated content – New, fun interaction with the public

IKEA | One-of-a-Kind In-Store Experience

IKEA wanted to create a high-tech, immersive, and interactive experience that would inform and delight customers. Working with their design team, BrightSign brought to life a solution that was more:

  • Cost-effective – Our players offer an affordable and reliable solution for implementing a synchronized 4K video experience, keeping the budget in check
  • Engaging – Customers spent more time with the display and interacting with salespeople
  • Customized – Our players allowed pieces of furniture to be animated or transformed into interactive information points, delivering customer-specific content

Levi’s | Striking Visuals in Time Square

For their flagship store, Levi’s wanted a modern, welcoming, and impactful environment. Teaming up with Reflect and D3, BrightSign delivered a unique installation experience that is:

  • Striking – Two BrightSign XD players power more than 10 million LED lights, a 41-foot curved panel, and an 82-foot-wide U-shaped panel
  • Brand-aligned – A cohesive customer experience throughout the entire store
  • Reliable – Levi’s can count on our self-healing system in one of the world’s most prominent public spaces

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What Customers are Saying

“We chose BrightSign’s players because they are the most reliable players on the market. This high-visibility installation demanded the very best, and with BrightSign’s help we assembled an eye-catching network of displays.”

El Palacio de Hierro Mexico City

“Selfridges’ Oxford Street storefront is one of the best known in London. For this application, BrightSign players were the obvious choice, delivering crisp, Full HD playback – reliably and daily – for years on end without fail.”

Mike Fabian

“The BrightSign players are perfect for this kind of synchronized playback set-up. They’re extremely reliable and really simple to use. If we need to update content, we just log on to our control PC and push it out to all the players and it just works.”

Stuart Harris
Founder and Creative Director, Ikea

“BrightSign players were selected for their outstanding reliability and upgradeability. BrightSign offers customers free OS updates for life but allows them to select the updates that are relevant to their installation. This keeps the hardware as up-to-date as First Impression and Rituals need it to be, without loading it up with redundant features and functions.”

Menno Huizinga
Senior Solutions Architect

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