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Webinar Recording: XC5 Real World Scenarios
Featured Partner Webinar: Nexmosphere
Featured CMS Partner: Signage Live
It's About Time: Content Scheduling Webinar
Understanding Multi-Display Signage with Matrox
BrightAuthor:connected Deep Dive Ep. 1
BrightAuthor:connected Deep Dive Ep.2 – Video Walls
BrightAuthor:connected Deep Dive Ep.3 – HTML5

BrightAuthor:connected series

Learn all the ins and outs of our authoring software, along with tips to help your signage ideas become a reality.

BrightAuthor:connected Part 1/4

BrightAuthor:connected 101: Part 2/4

BrightAuthor:connected 101: Part 3/4

BrightAuthor:connected 101: Part 4/4

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