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Digital signage solutions for hotels and casinos.

Solutions for Hospitality

Enhance guest experiences in hotels and hospitality settings with innovative digital signage solutions.

  • Create visually captivating displays and visuals that enhance the overall atmosphere and guest experience
  • Display live updates on amenities, promotions, and events to keep guests informed and generate advertiser revenue
  • Provide interactive maps and directions to help guests navigate the hotel premises

Digital Signage Solutions for Hospitality

Immerse your guests and keep them coming back with BrightSign.

Luxury Hotel Mosaic Video Wall

  • BrightSign solid-state players deliver market-leading reliability with zero downtime
  • BrightSignOS enabled seamless content updates to continuously provide fresh content
  • Created the world’s largest mosaic video wall, towering over four stories high

Luxury Resort and Casino

  • BrightSign players power 500 LCD displays
  • Servicing 7 properties remotely using our cloud service
  • Windows of the World experience displays over 20,000 images to guests

“Breathtaking digital signage.”

With a high-profile installation like ours, it’s important that the deployment be artistically breathtaking with perfect
synchronization, and 24-7 reliability. That’s why we chose BrightSign.

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