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Tailor-Made and Trusted

Purpose-Built Performance

BrightSignOS is a specialized and trusted operating system powering all BrightSign players and seamlessly connecting them to BSN.Cloud services and partner solutions. Purpose-built and optimized for digital signage, it is the cornerstone of BrightSign’s legendary reliability, security, performance, and sustainability.


Designed to greatly reduce risks and be configurable to any security profile

  • Exceptionally protected operating system with a secure digital signature
  • Runs a singular signage application to protect against viruses
  • Configurable to any type of security profile
  • Security extends to integrated CMS solutions


Playback with self-healing & remote management for unmatched uptimes

  • Persistent self-healing protocols resulting in unmatched uptimes
  • Secure built-in remote player management and monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics and controls to reduce costly on-site visits
  • Removable storage that avoids rip/replace situations


Performance, features, and extensions built specifically for digital signage

  • Optimized to run cutting-edge video and motion graphics
  • Abundant signage features available with free authoring software
  • Integrated with hundreds of global CMS solutions
  • Highly extensible to securely run specialized signage technologies


Operates and scales with free updates for unrivaled player longevity

  • Low power requirements with high performance
  • Guaranteed long life cycle support for unprecedented longevity
  • Free updates applied on-demand and consistent across hardware generations
  • Remote re-provisioning at any time to ensure flexibility



  • Reduce risks to near zero with a highly secure file system built only to run signage, eliminating vulnerabilities with unrivaled and configurable security measures
  • Experience legendary reliability, unmatched uptimes, and a reduced total cost of ownership through intelligent self-healing tools and remote monitoring that quickly resolves issues
  • Achieve superior signage performance with tailored content processing and an extensive suite of signage features, integrations, and extensions
  • Stay ahead of market demands with free guaranteed updates and achieve player sustainability with efficient power management, extended life cycles, and flexible reprovisioning



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