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Unify your messaging across several displays with BrightSign.

Multi-Screen Experiences

Create captivating multi-screen digital signs.

  • Display various messages or visuals simultaneously, appealing to a broader audience
  • Arrange screens creatively to optimize space and enhance visual appeal
  • Utilize movement and synchronicity to draw customers’ interest

Multi-Screen Applications

Wow your audiences with content spanning across multiple screens.

Versatile & Dynamic

Multi-screen digital signage displays dynamic, engaging content across multiple screens, enabling versatile advertising, wayfinding, and information sharing in public or commercial spaces.

Immersive Shopping

Enhance retail experiences with multi-screen digital signage, showcasing vivid product promotions, customer reviews, and tailored offers for immersive, interactive shopping.

Perfect Synchronization

Display personalized welcome messages, event schedules, and local attractions, elevating guest experiences and streamlining communication.

“Utterly reliable.”

Selfridges’ Oxford Street storefront is one of the best known in London. For this application, BrightSign players were the obvious choice, delivering crisp, Full HD playback – reliably and daily – for years on end without fail. BrightAuthor makes it easy to generate new content for the players, schedule playback and update as required. BrightSign’s players provide a flexible and utterly reliable solution that is low-cost and easy to work with.

Mike Fabian