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Our line of digital signage software makes it easy to connect and create, author,
publish, manage, and monitor content to your entire network of BrightSign players.


Free authoring and content management system for local networks.

  • Comes standard in all BrightSign players
  • Provides access to every signage feature supported by BrightSign
  • Easily create layouts and playlists from a broad range of content types and formats
  • Publish and manage content directly from your local media library
  • Intuitive calendar-view to simplify scheduling and day-parting
  • Automated publishing for flawless playback
  • Securely monitor local player health, diagnostics, and perform updates in real time

Enter the world of seamless digital signage creation with BrightAuthor:connected. This powerful authoring software from BrightSign empowers you to effortlessly design, publish, and manage captivating presentations on BrightSign players. With a unified experience across PC, Mac, and Chrome web browsers, you’ll enjoy a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive feature set. Unlock the potential of real-time player controls, robust network management, and content tools by securely connecting to players. Experience the freedom of creating, delivering, and updating your digital signage with ease, all with the exceptional BrightAuthor:connected software. Best of all, it’s available for free!

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Control Cloud

Remote management for one screen to thousands.

  • Free cloud-based subscription for all BrightSign players
  • Monitor your network from anywhere
  • Deliver content your way with 100+ CMS options
  • Streamlined on-screen player activation and CMS setup
  • Initiate remote snapshots on-demand to see what’s playing
  • Edit player properties, network settings, and interface priorities in real time

Unlock complete control over your BrightSign players and digital signage network with the revolutionary platform. Included is the complimentary Control Cloud subscription, empowering users with real-time player health monitoring and controls, regardless of their content management solution. Effortlessly provision single, multiple, or large sets of players for both Control Cloud and your preferred CMS. Seamlessly manage your player network in real time through Control Cloud while utilizing an integrated partner CMS for streamlined creation, publishing, and management of presentations and media libraries. Embrace the power of control with and elevate your digital signage experience.

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Cloud-based network and content management.

  • Create simple to sophisticated presentations with a complete set of authoring tools
  • Remotely publish and manage content from your cloud-based media library
  • Quickly analyze performance with real time and historical reporting
  • Monitor, manage, and update one or thousands of devices in real time from any location
  • Secure your devices with user roles, permissions, and real time GPS tracking
  • Available as an optional subscription for BrightSign players – or choose your own CMS

Experience the future of digital signage with the groundbreaking platform. Unlock the power of cloud connectivity and take full control of your player, network, and content management services. With, you have the ultimate signage solution tailored to your unique needs. Say goodbye to outdated methods as real-time player management reaches new heights, offering unrivaled access and control. Whether you’re starting with a basic setup or managing a complex network, provides secure and scalable services to meet your requirements. The best part? The Control Cloud level of service is absolutely free for all BrightSign players, granting you instant access and control with your preferred CMS. For an all-encompassing suite of tools for network and content management, the Content Cloud level of service is available as an affordable annual subscription. Safely manage a single player or an entire fleet, with the freedom to do so anytime, anywhere. Embrace the future of digital signage management with! DatasheetDownload Software
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Best Supporting Content recently took home the Gold, earning a 2023 Stellar Service Award for Best Supporting Content. Here's why System Contractor News named our cloud-based digital signage management system among the best.

  • unlocks cloud-connected player, network, and content management services for real-time player management.
  • offers secure, scalable services for digital signage networks ranging from basic to complex.
  •'s Control Cloud service comes free with all BrightSign players, giving real-time player access and controls with a choice of CMS out-of-the-box.
  • For more robust capabilities, users can easily upgrade to Content Cloud for even more comprehensive suite of network and content management tools.

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