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Secure cloud infrastructure and scalable digital signage services.

Meet our Suite of Software and Services

BSN.Cloud is the secure and scalable cloud infrastructure that connects BrightSign players to a comprehensive suite of integrated services and software to manage devices, content, and networks.


BSN.Cloud is the secure and scalable cloud infrastructure that connects BrightSign players to a comprehensive suite of proprietary and integrated partner services.  All BrightSign players powered by BrightSignOS have access to the BSN.Cloud platform through free BrightAuthor:connected software, providing a robust gateway for the remote management of players, networks, and content from anywhere. Trusted choices for partner CMS solutions integrated with leverage the security and reliability it provides while giving users extreme flexibility and expanded player capabilities.


BrightAuthor:connected is powerful authoring software that allows you to effortlessly design, publish, and manage captivating digital signage presentations on BrightSign players. Available for PC, Mac, and Chrome, it provides an intuitive and streamlined environment to create impactful presentations, while adding the ability to securely connect to BSN.Cloud-enabled players for real-time monitoring and remote management.

Get to Know BSN.Cloud

With BSN.Cloud, a complete digital signage solution is supported with a secure and scalable infrastructure to run services that empower businesses to easily manage one player or thousands anytime, anywhere.
Comprehensive control for multi-device management
  • Streamlined Player Setup: Effortless setup and activation, minimizing time spent on initial configuration and reducing setup costs
  • Real-Time Player Access: Real-time player health monitoring and diagnostics, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime
  • Integrated CMS Choice: Seamless integration with your choice of CMS, providing the flexibility to optimize your content management strategy
Advanced administration of content and player networks in the cloud.
  • Complete Content Management: Cloud-based content hosting, distribution, and scheduling, along with authoring tools for creating presentations using BrightAuthor:connected for PC, MAC and Chrome
  • Advanced Network Control: Robust tools to group players into networks, utilize tagging, and access network analytics and reporting, while supporting bsn.Control services to remotely monitor and control players
  • Smart Access Management: Streamline user management with customizable roles and permissions for seamless collaboration and coordination within your team

Best Supporting Content

BSN.Cloud took home the Gold, earning a 2023 Stellar Service Award for Best Supporting Content. Here’s why System Contractor News named our cloud-based digital signage management system among the best.
  • BSN.Cloud unlocks cloud-connected player, network, and content management services for real-time player management.
  • BSN.Cloud offers secure infrastructure and scalable services for digital signage networks ranging from basic to complex.
  • bsn.Control service comes free with all BrightSign players, giving real-time player access and controls with a choice of CMS out-of-the-box.

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