BrightSign AU5

Enabling audio-only experiences.
Product image of BrightSign AU5 digital audio players

Built for Crystal Clear Audio Experiences

Immersive sound and interactivity.

  • Delivers flawless, high-quality audio across multiple locations
  • Powers Dolby Atmos®, and Dolby Audio™ technology
  • Creates immersive experiences with lighting, button controls, and more
  • Controls simultaneous playback of up to 3 audio files
  • Supports intuitive content creation with CMS and software integration

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Features & Specifications

Get to know BrightSign AU5.

Powerful Audio Innovation

Cutting-edge sound technology.

  • Distributes high-bandwidth 24-bit audio across multiple locations
  • Supports ARC/eARC, and PCM for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio ™ soundbars and AV receivers
  • Routes audio files to play via left or right channels
  • Simultaneously plays up to three audio files with audio mixing

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Product image of BrightSign AU5 digital audio players

Versatile Connected Integrations

Powers streamlined and immersive deployments.

  • Controls interactive playback and lighting through USB, GPIO, and Ethernet
  • Simplified volume and input controls with CEC commands
  • Synchronizes with other BrightSign players for a complete audio visual experience
  • Create and publish experiences with BrightAuthor:connected, BrightScript, and JavaScript

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Reasonably Priced Reliability

Affordable design with BrightSign’s signature reliability.

  • Ultra-affordable, cloud-based platform
  • Free Control Cloud subscription for access to real-time controls
  • Runs BrightSignOS for simplified on-demand deployments
  • Durable, compact industrial-grade design

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The AU5 Lineup

The BrightSign AU335 offers affordable, cloud-based audio with advanced sound technologies. It can play up to 3 audio files at once with mixing and supports ARC/eARC for high-bandwidth audio. USB, GPIO, and Ethernet controls allow for interactive experiences, and it can sync with other BrightSign players to control additional devices. With easy deployment and reliable performance, the AU335 provides high-quality audio for any application.

AU5 DatasheetAU5 Software
Product image of BrightSign AU5 digital audio players
Audio decoding
Audio pass through
JavaScript & Node.js
High Bandwidth Audio
supports up to 24-bit lossless audio including Dolby Atmos support
Audio Routing
plays up to three audio files at once & routes audio files to play via left or right channels
Multi-Player Sync
synchronized playback across multiple BrightSign players
connect to interactive devices via USB, GPIO & Ethernet
Dimensions (W x H x D)
173.4mm X 27.9mm X 99.9mm

Powered by Purple

BrightSignOS is the only purpose-built operating system for digital signage - and it's found exclusively in BrightSign players. Here’s what it means to be Powered by Purple.

  • Secure: BrightSignOS delivers unmatched security, keeping your players, connected devices, and network safe from any potential risks.
  • Reliable: With unrivaled uptime across millions of players, BrightSignOS's self-healing capabilities and real-time monitoring ensure uninterrupted operation and peace of mind.
  • Superior: BrightSignOS is able to run any type of content, resolution, connected device, and technology integration, making it easy to create dynamic and sophisticated digital experiences.
  • Sustainable: Easy to maintain, power-efficient, and updatable, BrightSignOS is the long-lasting and sustainable choice for digital signage.