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BrightSign AU5 Digital Player

Enabling crystal clear audio experiences.

Hear the Difference

Offering leading-edge sound technologies to achieve your best sound:

  • Seamless high bandwidth audio playback, distribution, and streaming
  • Powerful ARC/eARC, Dolby Atmos®, and Dolby Audio™ support
  • Versatile audio file routing and mixing of music and announcements
Audio DecodingWAV, AAC, TS, MP2, MP3, MP4, MOV, MP2TS
Audio pass throughEAC3, AC3
ScriptingJavaScript & Node.js
High bandwidth Audiosupports up to 24-bit lossless audio including Dolby Atmos support
Audio Routingplays up to three audio files at once & routes audio files to play via left or right channels
Multi-Player Syncsynchronized playback across multiple BrightSign players
Interactivityconnect to interactive devices via USB, GPIO & Ethernet
Dimensions (W x H x D)173.4mm X 27.9mm X 99.9mm

Speaker Sales

Engaging audio comparisons.

  • Impress customers with high-bandwidth audio playback and streaming
  • Easily tailor experiences with versatile interactive controls
  • Ensure the music keeps playing with reliable cloud-connectivity

Audio Demonstrations

  • Influence outcomes with effective sound engagement
  • Easily showcase 24-bit ARC/eARC sound experiences
  • Streamline Dolby Atmos® and Dolby Audio™ demonstrations

Music Distribution

  • Improve ambiance with music distribution that matches your vibe
  • Simplify audio routing and mixing music with announcements
  • Take control with volume and input switching through CEC commands

Sound Engagement

  • Personalize engagement interactive sensors and lighting controls
  • Effortlessly inform and educate with clear audio responses
  • Give users options to select audio playback in multiple languages

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