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Digital Signage 101

Digital signage plays a major role in our daily lives. From choosing a coffee or placing an order at your favorite local spot to immersive installations at a museum — electronic displays are revolutionizing our consumer experiences. 

Now that we have you thinking about all the ways digital media signage impacts your day-to-day life, you may be wondering how your business or organization can best leverage this power.   

Types of Digital Signage

When we talk about digital signage, we mean anything that uses an electronic display to present content like images, videos, interactive material, or even just text. There are many different applications, but most fit into one of these categories:

  • Digital Posters and Menu Boards — A standard, yet flexible digital display for images, video, and motion graphics ideal for promotional content, offers, and pricing in a variety of settings. 
  • Interactive Digital Signage — From touchscreens to augmented reality (AR) displays, ideal for customer engagement. 
  • Outdoor Digital Billboards and Signage — Robust displays engineered to handle harsh environmental conditions, offering brightness and long-range visibility. 
  • Video Walls — Designed for dynamic content, these impactful digital signage displays consist of multiple LED screens or a single LCD screen, delivering immersive visual experiences for various applications.

Technology That Meets Your Needs

Since digital signage can be used in so many different industries and in so many different applications, it may feel overwhelming to choose a direction. We understand this is a big investment, and our team is a fantastic resource for helping you identify the right technology for your business goals.

A few things you’ll want to consider:

What Makes BrightSign Different

At BrightSign, we understand that you’re not just buying a screen or a player, you’re buying an impactful business solution. We approach digital signage from a holistic perspective — we deliver a secure, reliable, and sustainable solution with superior performance for every customer.

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Overwhelmed with players, screens, and software? Our team is passionate about finding the digital signage solution that meets your business goals and budget.