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Engage curious minds with immersive, dynamic, and immersive exhibits through art, history, and culture.

Solutions for Museums

Explore how museums and exhibits create immersive experiences through digital signage solutions.

  • Engage visitors with interactive exhibits that encourage hands-on exploration
  • Showcase stunning visuals and lighting effects that bring exhibits to life
  • Offer informative multimedia content to enhance visitors’ knowledge

Digital Signage for Museums

Enhance experiences and immerse your visitors with BrightSign.

Immersive Historical Preservation

  • BrightSign players are the primary content hub for dozens of displays throughout the museum
  • Providing near-limitless aspect ratio support for their unique display sizes with no custom-engineering
  • Delivers personalized content through an interactive live-feed of visitor photos and content

Enhancing the Visitor Experience

  • Reliably withstanding up to 20,000 visitors a day, 365 days a year
  • Informational and interactive content fed through BrightSign’s cloud service
  • Players service single screens, video walls, and interactive touch displays

3D Projection Mapping

  • Powered the most ambitious technology the institute has ever implemented
  • BrightSignOS simplified management of the exhibit, and significantly reduced maintenance
  • Helped the institute save time, money, and resources with stronger reliability and security than signage PC’s

“The most reliable signage hardware.”

You can say that BrightSign is the “final torch” that would keep the museum’s exhibit content streams flowing in the case of any sort of disruption.


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