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BrightSign Academy

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Become an Expert in Digital Signage

BrightSign Academy is a series of courses that teaches all you need to know about BrightSign and its products.
We offer courses that cover a range of topics from player setup and provisioning to features of BrightAuthor:connected.
These tools will help you master digital signage and provide the pathway to becoming a BrightSign Authorized Reseller.


Course Name
Course #Course LevelDescriptionAvixa CTS Credits
Welcome to BrightSignBSA-101
BeginnerThis course offers an introduction to the BrightSign company, our purpose-built digital signage players and our core networking platform and services.0.75
BrightSign Players and Network Setup
BeginnerThis course teaches you how to get a BrightSign player setup and network connected allowing you to publish presentations to it.
1 Network Management and Advanced SettingsBSA-103IntermediateThis course covers basic to advanced player network management allowing you to easily manage your fleet of BrightSign players.1
BrightAuthor:connected Presentations

IntermediateThis course covers content management along with creating, scheduling, and publishing presentations using BrightAuthor:connected.2.5
BrightAuthor:connected Interactive PresentationsBSA-105IntermediateThis course will instruct how to create interactive presentations using BrightAuthor:connected.1.5
Video Walls
Intermediate-AdvancedThis course will teach you how to successfully create captivating video walls.2
BrightSign Authorized Reseller CertificationBSA-AR
IntermediateSuccessfully complete this course and BSA-101 to become an Authorized BrightSign Reseller.N/A

Become an Authorized Reseller

Successful completion of courses BSA-101 and BSA-AR grant authorization to resell BrightSign products and services as an Authorized BrightSign Reseller.

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