BrightSign XC5 digital signage player hero pictured with 4 numbered HDMI ports and displays in background
BrightSign XC5 digital signage player pictured with Polaris snowmobiles displayed on two rows of five screens
BrightSign XC5 digital signage player hero image with display examples in background
BrightSign XC5 digital signage player hero image showcasing immersive example version 3

BrightSign XC5

Video walls and multi-screen made easy.

Make an Impact

BrightSign XC5 gives you the power to captivate, connect and communicate with video walls and multi-screen displays.
Person standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling video wall, displaying an immersive presentation powered by the BrightSign XC5

Immersive Presentations

Revolutionary video wall technology allows you to quickly create attention-getting, large format digital signage presentations that engage customers and boost purchases. Great for retail demonstrations, high traffic public spaces, and sporting events.

Cohesive Communications

Powerful multi-screen capabilities ensure your customers, employees, and visitors receive the same message wherever they are in your facility. Ideal for restaurants, offices, and entertainment venues.

Helpful Customer Experiences

3D wayfinding capabilities provide easy-to-understand directions, smart pathways with highlighted routes, augmented reality, and ADA-accessible routing to ensure an outstanding experience for everyone. Perfect for shopping centers, campus environments, and transportation facilities.

Meet XC5

Revolutionary performance across multiple screens.

  • Multiple outputs to control multiple screens with a single player
  • Create dual, quad and irregular-shaped video walls quickly and easily
  • Offers stunning 4K and 8K video & graphics
  • Delivers superior PC-class HTML performance
  • Efficient industrial design with easy serviceability
  • Powered by BrightSignOS

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Get to Know the XC5

Explore the brilliant experiences made possible with BrightSign XC5.

Simplified Video Walls

Create stunning video walls with just a single media player.

  • Combine live streaming content, pre-planned promotions, and amazing graphics
  • Deliver versatile multi-zone, multi-screen experiences
  • Seamlessly merge multiple screens into one cohesive display
  • Incorporate touch and gesture controls for immersive participation

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UC Merced campus displayed across multiple screens using a BrightSign player

Multi-Screen Magic

Connect and coordinate multiple screens.

  • Simultaneously display 4K video and graphics across four screens with ease
  • Ensures that your messages can be seen throughout your facility or venue
  • Useful when you have more information than can be shown on one screen

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Advanced Graphic Performance

Unleash your creativity with cutting-edge graphics technology.

  • Superior graphics capabilities create immersive user-friendly experiences
  • Enhance customer experience with 3D wayfinding, routing, and maps
  • Use “point and zoom” feature for route finding and exploration
  • Incorporate touch, gesture, and sound for interactivity

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Features & Specifications

The XC5 Lineup

Simplify the creation of video walls and multi-screen presentations with multi-output players.  Equipped with multiple HDMI outputs, outstanding HTML5 performance, and breathtaking 8K video capabilities, XC5 stands as BrightSign’s most powerful player ever. Whether it’s 4-screen video walls or high-speed 3D Web GL applications, XC5 excels.

XC5 DatasheetXC5 Software
Expanded Multiplex
Expanded Multiplex
HTML5 Performance Level
PC-class power supporting 3D WebGL motion graphics
Twice the power of XC2055 supporting 3D WebGL motion graphics with multi-touch interactions
Video Decoding
Single 8K60p (8-bit) Dual 4K60p (10-bit) & Full HD
Single 8K60p (10-bit) Quad 4K60p (10-bit) & Full HD
Video Rotation
Dual 4K & Full HD
Quad 4K & Full HD
Image & Graphics Decoding
Full resolution 8K, 4K & Full HD
Full resolution 8K, 4K & Full HD
HDMI Outputs
Total of 2:
1x HDMI 2.1a
1x HDMI 2.0a
Total of 4:
1x HDMI 2.1a
3x HDMI 2.0a
1x USB-A
1x USB-C
1x USB-A
1x USB-C
3.5mm RS-232
3.5mm RS-232
12-pin Phoenix Connector with 8 bi-directional Ports
12-pin Phoenix Connector with 8 bi-directional Ports
3.5mm In / Out
3.5mm In / Out
Runs BrightSignOS
Control Cloud Subscription
Optional WD-105 Wireless/Bluetooth Module
Optional BrightSign Mobile USB Modem
Optional 256GB SSD Storage
Dimensions (WxDxH)
253.2 x 232.12 x 48mm
253.2 x 232.12 x 48mm
Warranty, Parts & Labor
1 year (2 years in EU/UK)
1 year (2 years in EU/UK)

The Most Awarded Player

BrightSign XC5 is the most powerful - and award-winning - player in digital signage.

  • Best New Video Wall Processor: rAVe Pubs, ISE 2023
  • Most Innovative Digital Signage Product: System Contractor News, Infocomm 2022
  • Best of Market: Digital Signage Magazine, Infocomm 2022
  • Best of Show: Digital Signage Magazine, Infocomm 2022
  • Best New Media Player: rAVe Pubs, DSE 2022