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BrightSign Players

Built for professionals with leading-edge technology and unparalleled flexibility to deliver captivating signage experiences.

Industrial-Grade Performance

BrightSign’s players are professional-grade devices that feature solid-state architecture, expansive I/O connectivity options, and proven durability in extreme environments. Stylish and ultra-thin, our players’ anodized aluminum casings quietly dissipate heat efficiently without fans, making them ideal for space-constrained applications.


The only purpose-built operating system that brings unrivaled reliability, security, signage power and sustainability to every BrightSign player.

Flexible & Adaptable

BrightSign players are a cost-effective and sustainable solution for digital signage. From compact to ultra-performance devices, our players are upgradeable, allowing you to mix and match different player combinations as your needs change. Additionally, our players are highly customizable, opening a world of new possibilities.

Meet The Players

More features than other media players. Greater flexibility than SoC. Better reliability and security than PCs.
Meet BrightSign, the most trusted media player in the digital signage industry.

Series 5 Players

BrightSign Series 5 is the most powerful and advanced line of BrightSign players ever.

  • Powered by the renowned BrightSignOS™
  • Stellar Full HD to 8K video​
  • Cutting-edge motion graphics performance​
  • Extensive I/O options for unrivaled flexibility​
  • Rugged, fanless design with global hardware consistency and reliable 24/7 operation
  • Broad selection to fit any application & budget​
  • Free bsn.Control service for remote device access and control
  • Fully Integrated with a global network of leading CMS solutions

Series 4 Players

The gold standard in digital media players.

  • Displays innovative HTML5 renderings
  • Powers dual decoding for live tv streaming
  • Pristine 4K video & graphics
  • Reliable solid-state, fan-less platform
  • Runs BrightSignOS software, built specifically for signage


Our line of digital signage software makes it easy to connect and create, author, publish, manage, and monitor content on your entire network of BrightSign players.

  • BrightAuthor:connected is our powerful authoring software
  • bsn.Content offers real-time player health monitoring and remote management
  • BSN.Cloud provides scalable network and content management
  • Use our free CMS or choose from 100+ integrated CMS solutions

The Most Awarded Player

BrightSign XC5 is the most powerful – and award-winning – player in digital signage.

  • Best New Video Wall Processor: rAVe Pubs, ISE 2023
  • Most Innovative Digital Signage Product: System Contractor News, InfoComm 2022
  • Best of Market: Digital Signage Magazine, InfoComm 2022
  • Best of Show: Digital Signage Magazine, InfoComm 2022
  • Best New Media Player: rAVe Pubs, DSE 2022