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Integrations & Add-ons

Customize your digital signage.

Customize Your BrightSign

When it comes to digital signage, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. BrightSign technology integrates with
industry-leading CMS software and popular peripherals so you can customize BrightSign to fit your unique application.


Create, publish, and manage content your way with one of the 100+ leading CMS solutions that work flawlessly with BrightSign.


Customize your players with cutting-edge user experience platforms, AI, and real-time user analytics software to maximize ROI, increase user engagement, and understand your audience like never before.

Controls & Peripherals

Think outside the box with integrated devices and controls that take interactivity to the next level – from lighting effects and touch screen displays to monitors, speakers, and presence sensors.

Integrations & Add-Ons

BrightSign can be customized to fit any application using a wide range of popular
CMS solutions, software integrations, and add-on peripherals.

CMS Solutions

BrightSign perfectly integrates with more than 100 popular Content Management Systems for digital signage.

  • 100+ CMS solutions available
  • Optimize your player with application-specific CMS platforms
  • Control your players and content within a single source
  • Remotely schedule, edit, and save content within the cloud
  • Maximize user engagement with AI moderation and machine learning
  • Securely monitor and adjust player settings in real-time

Software Integrations

Maximize the power of BrightSign with cutting-edge software integrations.

  • Create advanced HTML5 and graphics without code
  • Deliver personalized content in real-time with AI based automation
  • Monitor and analyze audience attention, emotion, and demographics
  • Remotely control immersive touch, lighting, audio, and more
  • Scale with fully-customizable platforms

Controls & Peripherals

Captivate your audience with interactive add-ons.

  • Maximize the power of BrightSign with cutting-edge technological integrations
  • Create immersive experiences with dynamic lighting, audio, and multi-gesture touch
  • Engage your audience with motion-activated, foot-traffic, and eye-tracking sensors
  • Protect your players with secure harnesses and bolt-on connectors
  • Scale your experiences with hundreds of available integrations

Experiences You Can Feel


BrightSign players are found in hundreds of thousands of places around the world. Whether you’re at the mall, your favorite restaurant, a sporting event or on your local campus, chances are – you’ve been captivated by BrightSign.