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The most trusted media players in digital signage.

Meet the Players

BrightSign offers the most complete lineup of digital players available.


BrightSign XC5


BrightSign XT5


BrightSign XD5


BrightSign HD5


BrightSign LS5


BrightSign AU5

BrightSign XT4-T

BrightSign XT4


Purpose-built and optimized for digital signage.


Designed to greatly reduce risks and be configurable to any security profile

  • Exceptionally protected operating system with a secure digital signature
  • Runs a singular signage application to protect against viruses
  • Configurable to any type of security profile
  • Security extends to integrated CMS solutions


Reliable: Playback with self-healing & remote management for unmatched uptimes

  • Persistent self-healing protocols resulting in unmatched uptimes
  • Secure built-in remote player management and monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics and controls to reduce costly on-site visits
  • Removable storage that avoids rip/replace situations


Performance, features, and extensions built specifically for digital signage

  • Optimized to run cutting-edge video and motion graphics
  • Abundant signage features available with free authoring software
  • Integrated with hundreds of global CMS solutions
  • Highly extensible to securely run specialized signage technologies


Operates and scales with free updates for unrivaled player longevity

  • Low power requirements with high performance
  • Guaranteed long life cycle support for unprecedented longevity
  • Free updates applied on-demand and consistent across hardware generations
  • Remote re-provisioning at any time to ensure flexibility

The BrightSign Lineup

BrightSign builds players, software, and cloud-based networking solutions for the commercial digital signage industry.

Series 5 Players

The most advanced players in digital signage.

  • Delivers superior PC-class HTML performance
  • Powers video walls & multiple screens with a single player
  • Offers stunning 8K video and graphics
  • Efficient industrial design with easy serviceability
  • Runs BrightSignOS software, built specifically for signage

Series 4 Players

Series 4 players are the gold standard in digital signage.

  • Designed exclusively for digital signage applications
  • Over 1 Million players in operation
  • Dependable solid-state platform
  • Stellar Full HD and 4K video
  • Enterprise I/O capabilities
  • Signature reliability and performance
  • Powered by BrightSignOS


The secret to BrightSign’s over-the-top performance and ultra-high reliability is our operating system, BrightSignOS.  Purpose-built for digital signage, BrightSignOS powers every BrightSign player and provides the foundation for our robust and proprietary suite of software: BrightAuthor:connected, Control Cloud, and


BrightSignOS comes standard in every BrightSign player.


Dynamic technology to support powerful digital signage.

  • Create interactive experiences with the push of a button
  • Customize user experience with responsive LED controls
  • Expand connectivity with high-speed solutions
  • Effortlessly implement wireless and Bluetooth
  • Reliably store and save content locally

“Proven track record.”

We selected BrightSign players for this new installation as we have a long history with the product. It is robust, flexible, responsive, and easily adaptable to our needs. Toulouse uses BrightSign players extensively in installs because of their robust and solid proven track record.

Marc Simpson Toulouse

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