BrightSign Demo Presentations for LS Devices

The demo presentations below provide an overview of BrightSign capabilities on the LS models.


  • Download the published presentation file (Ensure that the presentation is compatible with your BrightSign model).
  • Unzip the file and copy the entire contents onto a MicroSD card.
  • Insert the MicroSD card into your BrightSign unit and apply power.
  • To make changes to the presentation, download the source file and use BrightAuthor to open the *.bpf project file included with the demo.

HTML5 Bakery Menu


This landscape presentation plays a 1080p60 full screen video background with an HTML5 menu overlay that supports Live Text and UDP commands for the specials. The BrightSign App can be used to edit the Live Text in the specials box and turn the specials box on and off using UDP commands.

Requirements Download

  • BrightSign LS424 with LS firmware version or higher
  • MicroSD Class 10 memory card with the published demo
  • 1080p60 display

Published presentation:

Source files:


Portrait Retail Wayfinder


This presentation showcases a dual-zone layout of a video zone playing 1080p60 video and an image zone. The video zone sends a Zone Message event to the image zone which triggers the correct image to display that matches the video.

Requirements Download

  • BrightSign LS423 with LS firmware version 6.2.38 or higher
  • MicroSD Class 10 memory card with the published demo
  • 1080p60 display

Published presentation:

Source files:

Looping 1080p Video Presentation


This presentation demonstrates Full HD 1080p @60fps playback. The demo has no audio.

Requirements Download

  • BrightSign LS423 with firmware v6.2.38 or higher
  • 1080p60 display
  • MicroSD Class 10 memory card containing the published Presentation

Published Presentation:

Source Files:

BrightPlex BrightBeacon


The BrightPlex demo is an example presentation showcasing the 2-way interactive BTLE and location-based capabilities of BrightSign’s BrightBeacon technology. Using a mobile device with the BrightPlex iOS app, users can control the playback of the BrightPlex demo to select and play movie trailers of their choice.

This example presentation and associated iOS app were built by Sophatar using the BrightBeacon application template. Click on 'Downloads' below to download this template and develop your own solution.

Requirements Download

  • BrightSign Series 3 XT, XD, HD, HO or LS player with:
    • Unreleased version of firmware - please email
    • Wifi/Bluetooth module installed or USB BTLE dongle
    • MicroSD card with the published BrightPlex demo
  • Secondary beacon “puck” (Such as radbeacon dot)
    • Programmed to: UUID: 775d1459-ac68-3064-f9c3-392dfa8d6b19
    • Major: 11
    • Minor: 103
  • iOS device running BrightPlex app
  • 1080p screen

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