January 2017

Jan 05-08

CES | Las Vegas, NV
Private Meetings: Venetian Suites

Jan 15-17

NRF - Retail's Big Show | New York, NY
Partner Event

Jan 19

Tierney Bros Sales Summit | Minneapolis, MN
Partner Event

Jan 24-27

BrightSign All Hands Meeting (Internal) | Los Altos, CA
Los Altos Golf & Country Club

February 2017

Feb 07-10

ISE | Amsterdam, Netherlands
BrightSign booth #8K-240

March 2017

Mar 02-05

Tierney Champions Club | Mexico
Partner Event

Mar 29-30

DSE | Las Vegas, NV
BrightSign booth #419

April 2017

Apr 12-14

InfoComm China | Beijing, China
Partner Event

Apr 22-23

JB&A NAB Technology Show | Las Vegas, NV
Partner Event

May 2017

May 08-09

RDSE | London, UK
Partner Event

May 20-23

NRA | Chicago, IL
BrightSign booth #6262

June 2017

Jun 14-16

InfoComm | Orlando, FL
BrightSign booth #443

January 2016

Jan 06-09

CES | Las Vegas, NV
Private Meetings: Venetian Suites

Jan 14

Tierney Brothers Sales Summit | Minneapolis, MN
Partner Event

February 2016

Feb 09-12

ISE | Amsterdam, Netherlands
BrightSign booth 8-K310

Feb 23

IAVI Sales Boot Camp & Partner Palooza | Hollywood, FL
Partner Event

March 2016

Mar 03-04

InfoComm West | San Jose, CA
Partner Event

Mar 06-08

International Restaurant Show | NYC, New York
Partner Event

Mar 09-10

Retail Digital Signage Expo | London, UK
Partner Event

Mar 16-17

DSE | Las Vegas, NV
BrightSign booth 1828

April 2016

Apr 06

ALMO E4 AV Tour | Washington D.C.
Partner Event

Apr 13-16

InfoComm China | Beijing, China
Partner Event

Apr 16-17

JB&A Pre-NAB | Las Vegas, NV
Partner Event

Apr 26

Comm-Tec Mini S14 | Geroldswil, Switzerland
Partner Event

Apr 27

ALMO E4 AV Tour | Atlanta, GA
Partner Event

May 2016

May 21-24

The NRA Show | Chicago, IL
BrightSign booth 5862

May 31-Jun 03

Broadcast Asia | Singapore
Partner Event

June 2016

Jun 08-10

InfoComm | Las Vegas, NV
BrightSign booth N2247

Jun 08-10

Digital Signage Japan | Tokyo, Japan
Partner Event

Jun 14-16

Retail Asia Expo | Hong Kong, China
Partner Event

Jun 20-22

WIGA Conference | Tulalip, WA
Partner Event

July 2016

Jul 20-22

ALMO National Sales Meeting | Baltimore, MD
Partner Event

August 2016

Aug 10

DSE Huddle | Long Beach, CA

Aug 23-25

Integrate | Sydney, Australia
Partner Event

September 2016

Sep 21-22

Technology Exposed | Weybridge, UK
BrightSign booth 44

Sep 22

Workshop Digital Media/Forum Des Images | Paris, France

Sep 23

ALMO E4 AV TOUR | Boston, MA
Partner Event

Sep 28

Comm-Tec S14 | Germany

October 2016

Oct 03-04

Stampede Vendor Summit | Buffalo, NY
Partner Event

Oct 16-20

GITEX | Dubai, UAE
Partner Event

Oct 18

ALMO E4 AV TOUR | Dallas, TX
Partner Event

Oct 25

Coffee & Controversy - A Breakfast Debate | New York, NY
Speaking Event

Oct 25-26

NEC Partner Showcase | New York, NY
Partner Event

November 2016

Nov 01-03

Integrated Systems Russia | Moscow, Russia
Partner Event

Nov 02-04

Viscom Frankfurt | Frankfurt, Germany
Partner Event

Nov 09-10

NAB NYC/InfoComm Connections | New York, NY
Partner Event

Nov 15-16

CorpComm | Chicago, IL
NEC Pavilion, Booth #311C

Nov 16-18

IBEE | Japan
Partner Event

Nov 17

FVS Open | France
Partner Event

December 2016

Dec 06-08

InfoComm MEA | Dubai
BrightSign booth Z5-E4

January 2015

Jan 06-09

CES, Las Vegas
Private Meetings: Venetian Suites

Jan 07-08

IAVI Sales Meeting, New Orleans
Partner: IAVI

Jan 18-22

Las Vegas Market, Las Vegas
Partner: Best Buy for Business

February 2015

Feb 10-12

ISE, Amsterdam, Netherlands
BrightSign booth 8-N250

Feb 19

Stampede BBOAV, Las Vegas
Partner: Stampede

March 2015

Mar 10-13

DSE, Las Vegas, NV
BrightSign booth 2131

April 2015

Apr 08-10

InfoComm China, Beijing
Partner: The CAS Group

Apr 11-12

Video & Digital Media Workflow, Las Vegas, CA
Partner: JB&A

May 2015

May 16-19

National Restaurant Show (NRA), Chicago, IL
BrightSign booth 6067

June 2015

Jun 09-11

Retail Asia Expo, Hong Kong
Partner: The CAS Group

Jun 17-19

InfoComm, Orlando, FL
BrightSign booth 5259

September 2015

Sep 10-11

Digital Signage Summit, Munich, Germany BrightSign & CommTec table #16

Sep 11

ALMO E4 AV Tour The Woodlands, TX

January 2014

Jan 07-10

CES (Suite), Las Vegas, NV

February 2014

Feb 04-06

ISE, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Feb 12-13

DSE, Las Vegas, NV

April 2014

Apr 05-06

JB&A NAB Video & Digital Workflow Event, Las Vegas, Nevada

Apr 09-11

InfoComm Asia, Beijing, China

May 2014

May 17-20

The National Restaurant Show (NRA), Chicago, Illinois

June 2014

Jun 10-12

Retail Expo Asia, Hong Kong

Jun 18-20

InfoComm, Las Vegas, Nevada

July 2014

Jul 27-31

Las Vegas Market, Las Vegas

August 2014

Aug 03-06

Retail NOW, Orlando, FL
Partner: BlueStar

Aug 14-16

Almo National Sales Meeting, PA
Partner: Almo ProAV

Aug 20-24

InfoComm Mexico, Mexico City
Partner: Kolo DS

Aug 26-28

Integrate Expo, Sydney, Australia
Partner: IDT

September 2014

Sep 17-19

Bluestar's VAR Tech, New Orleans, LA
Partner: BlueStar

Sep 17-18

Technology Exposed, Ascot Raceway, UK
Partner: Midwich/True-Colours

Sep 23

Stampede AV, Minneapolis, MN
Partner: Stampede

Sep 30-Oct 02

J2E, Las Vegas, NV
Partner: JCM Global

October 2014

Oct 01

Comm-Tec S-14 Solutions Day, Uhingen, Germany
Partner: Comm-Tec

Oct 03

Almo E4, Boston, MA
Partner: Almo ProAV

Oct 06-07

Stampede National Sales Meeting, Amherst, NY
Partner: Comm-Tec

Oct 16

Stampede AV, Dallas, TX
Partner: Stampede

Oct 17

Almo E4, Bethesda, MD
Partner: Almo ProAV

Oct 21

InfoComm MEA, Dubai
Partner: DigiCom

November 2014

Nov 05

NEC Showcase, Italy
Partner: NEC

Nov 13-16

LED Digital Sign Asia Expo 2014,Bangkok
Partner: Nextsys

Nov 19-22

IAAPA, Orlando, FL
Partner: Pale Night Productions, Gilderfluke

Nov 26-28

Bitam, Madrid, Spain
Partner: Imaginart

December 2014

Dec 08-09

R&A Marketing Round Table, Charlotte, NC
Partner: BBFB

October 2013

Oct 13-15

Fast Casual, New Orleans, LA
Partner: Philips

Oct 16-18

IBTMM, Krakow, Poland
Partner: Comm-Tec

Oct 18

Almo E4, Irvine, CA
Partner: Almo ProAV

Oct 20-24

InfoComm MEA, Dubai
Partner: DigiCom

Oct 21

4K/UHD Symposium, Hollywood, CA
Panel Discussion: Jeff Hastings speaking

Oct 29-31

Integrated Systems Russia, Moscow
Partner: IMS Technology

November 2013

Nov 13

Almo E4, Meadowlands, NY
Partner: Almo ProAV

About Us

BrightSign, LLC is a privately held company located in Los Gatos, California founded in 2002 by Anthony Wood, the inventor of the digital video recorder (DVR) and Roku. BrightSign is the global market leader in digital signage media players, as named by IHS in its 2013, 2014 and 2015 "Global Market for Digital Signage" research studies which report market share of all media players and PC-based signage solutions combined. BrightSign players are known for their signature reliability, affordability and ease-of-use by the commercial digital signage market worldwide.


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United States 1-408-852-9263

Global: +44 122 329 8500


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