BrightSign to Celebrate the Latest in Digital Signage Innovations at ISE 2024

Think about the last time you were at a quick-serve restaurant and saw a juicy burger and crispy fries appear on a digital sign above the counter. Didn’t it make your mouth water? Probably. That’s why seventy-four percent of consumers are at least somewhat likely to buy based on experience alone, so it’s no surprise that the market for digital signage is expected to exceed $45 billion by 2030. More and more, we’re seeing restaurant, stadium, retail, and bank operators look to create immersive and engaging audience experiences in a seamless and scalable way. ISE 2024 will be an exciting show to explore this future of digital signage.

To respond to increased industry demand, here’s a preview of some of the products and platforms we’ll be showcasing at our booth:

  • Series 5 media players: When implementing digital signage, the ability to easily share high-quality content is critical. Picture a stadium with multi-screen menu boards integrated with live game footage so fans never miss a minute of the action. Or a stadium with the ability to direct visitors to less crowded amenities with privacy-protected foot traffic analytics. On the retail and QSR side, imagine having the ability to captivate customers with multi-touch interactions and life-like motion graphics. Or, to enhance buyer engagement with lift and learn technology and grow revenue with upselling, POS integrations, and usage data. Our Series 5 media players are powerful digital signage players. They deliver revolutionary multi-screen performance for cohesive visuals across a storefront or stadium venue. Operators can immerse audiences in unparalleled video wall content with cutting-edge 8K video and extraordinary graphics power and support.
  • BrightSignOS, and BrightAuthor:connected: Booth visitors will have the opportunity to explore our various software applications — in particular, BrightSignOS, the only operating system designed exclusively for digital signage. When implementing digital signage, stadiums, stores, restaurants, and banks must ensure their operating system is reliable and secure. Interrupted visuals will detract from the immersive experiences they seek to create. BrightSignOS is reliable, secure, easy to use, and scalable. And just because operators can’t always be present at each facility, doesn’t mean their visibility into their digital signage solution should suffer. connects BrightSign players via the cloud to support real-time player controls and remote management, so operators never miss a beat. Meanwhile, the content that appears on digital signage displays should be both engaging to the eye and easy to create. BrightSign integrates with a global network of leading CMS partners so you can choose the best solution to fit your needs. BrightAuthor:connected is also an option to easily design, publish, and manage captivating digital signage presentations on BrightSign players. This means businesses will never miss a chance to communicate with their audience.
  • BrightSign Built-In: BrightSign Built-In, our System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solution, will be on display and showcased on a number of commercial-grade screens from our display partners. For settings that need to minimize cabling and extensive set-up time, our all-in-one solution helps streamline the deployment process. This leaves operators free to focus on engaging audiences with exciting content rather than managing deployment of digital signage. The solution offers flexibility to fit any space, from embedding into small and large format displays with Full HD and 4K capabilities, as well as various form factor options from round and square to ultra-wide and ultra-narrow. Free-standing signage can easily integrate into any environment whether it’s small countertop kiosks in a restaurant or large format dual-sided displays in an airport. In addition, immersive built-in elevator displays help hotels, corporate offices, and retailers maintain a consistent brand experience. Our booth will showcase BrightSign Built-In innovations by Bluefin, Mimo Monitors, TCL MOKA, and XPO Screens.

Drop by to see us conducting live solution demos at Booth #6M280. Or stop in to talk with our team about what you’re noticing and wondering about the latest digital signage trends and applications in retail, hospitality, corporate, finance, QSR, and stadium settings.