BrightSign Launches Turn-key Program

BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage media players, is now offering a turn-key trial program with a growing number of content management software (CMS) partners. Effective immediately, all Control Cloud integrated partners may offer their customers 30-90 days of free access to their CMS running on BrightSign players. Provisioning of the CMS on BrightSign is enabled by the Control Cloud, BrightSign’s cloud-based management and control platform.

“We want to make it easier than ever for our new customers to enjoy the benefits of, with the flexibility to use whichever CMS provider suits them best,” said Jeff Hastings, BrightSign’s CEO. “Enabling a seamless trial program is a great way for customers to enjoy all the benefits of the BrightSign ecosystem to maximize their AV investment.”

For End-Users

Taking advantage of BrightSign’s free trial is easy. Customers choose their desired CMS trial at before being redirected to the BrightSign web store to purchase an XT1144 media player and a 16MB SD card. The customer’s player then arrives with its serial number already associated with the customer’s chosen CMS. Once the player is plugged in and powered up, it connects to Control Cloud and is automatically provisioned to run the selected CMS.

For CMS Providers

BrightSign is currently offering the free trial via many top CMS providers, including Appspace, Carousel, Mvix, Ping HD, Signagelive, Wallboard and more. These CMS providers have fully integrated with Control Cloud and therefore can participate in this automatic provisioning process. CMS partners receive a unique URL that points to a dedicated landing page they can promote directly to their existing and prospective customers.

CMS providers that would like to offer the free trial are encouraged to contact BrightSign VP of Marketing Ann Holland at for information about joining the promotion.

To learn more about BrightSign’s complete portfolio of digital signage products, visit