What can you do with BrightSign?

What Can You Do With BrightSign?

BrightSign’s powerful technology can create a wide variety of amazing digital signage – from simple to complex.

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Discover what you can create with BrightSign.

Video Walls

Create dynamic video walls with perfect synchronization.

  • Creates stunning 8K, HTML5, and motion graphic video wall experiences
  • Deploys frame-accurate synchronization across all screens
  • Customize your content on unique configurations, aspect ratios, and dimensions
  • Streamlined publishing with powerful BrightWall software tools
  • Engage your audience with interactive touch, lighting, or audio integrations

Create Video Walls with BrightSign

Multi-Screen Experiences

Power captivating experiences from a single player.

  • Displays native 4K video and graphics across several screens
  • Creates engaging multi-format video, HTML5, and motion graphics experiences
  • Deploys dynamic content with flexible multi-zone layouts, and synchronized audio
  • Runs ultra-smooth hardware accelerated 4K video rotation
  • Manage entire network of players and screens from one location

Create Multi-Screen Experiences with BrightSign
graphic made up of the dots seen on the sides of the BrightSign XC5

Interactive Demos

Engage your audience with responsive touch.

  • Runs highly responsive multi-touch gestures and dynamic content
  • Create ultra-smooth experiences through video, motion graphics, and HTML5
  • Delivers brilliant touchless experiences through motion-activated sensors
  • Enables user-driven interactive content selection and playback
  • Streamlined integration across barcode scanners, RFID, GPIO, and more

Create Interactive Experiences with BrightSign

Digital Signage

Driving purpose-built brilliant experiences.

  • Runs purpose-built BrightSignOS on the most powerful players ever
  • Creates stunning displays with 8K video, motion graphics, and HTML5
  • Displays dynamic live feeds, MRSS, social media integrations, and more
  • Streamlined integration and content management with BrightAuthor:connected
  • Scalable deployments with best-in-class uptime and security

Create Digital Signage with BrightSign
graphic made up of the dots seen on the sides of the BrightSign XC5

3D & Immersive Experiences

Captivate your audience with memorable experiences.

  • Create touchless 3D experiences with CSS, WebGL, and JavaScript
  • Runs ultra-smooth animations and graphics at incredibly high frame rates
  • Display stunning interactive holograms, projection mapping, and augmented reality
  • Immerse your audience in ultra-realistic virtual reality and mixed reality
  • Deploy signage with connected audio, lighting, motion-tracking, and more

Create 3D & Immersive Experiences with BrightSign
Two people working out with Funxtion interactive workout screens powered by BrightSign digital signage

Audio Experiences

Distribute crystal clear audio.

  • Delivers flawless audio experiences with Dolby Atmos®, Dolby Audio, and PCM
  • Simultaneously play up to three audio files across multiple locations
  • Control interactive playback with integrated lighting, signage, and controls
  • Streamlined control of display volume and input with CEC commands
  • Create intuitive experiences with synchronized audio routing and zone control

Create Audio Experiences with BrightSign
graphic made up of the dots seen on the sides of the BrightSign XC5

What can you
do with BrightSign?

BrightSign technology is found in hundreds of thousands of places around the world. Whether you're at the mall, your favorite restaurant, a sporting event or on your local campus, chances are - you've been captivated by BrightSign.