BrightSign and Creative Realities Keeps Ryder Customers Safe

BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage media players, today announced its continued collaboration with Creative Realities Incorporated (CRI) to integrate its digital signage solutions into hundreds of Ryder’s truck rental locations. Since 2013, CRI has relied on BrightSign’s media players to display interactive content at Ryder locations in the United States and Canada, helping educate customers about the company’s rental vehicles and prepare them for a safe and successful rental and vehicle operation experience on the road.

CRI ( currently manages content at 356 Ryder locations, each of which is outfitted with a 48-inch PCAP Multi-Touch NEC display powered by a BrightSign XD media player. Touchscreen interactivity enables customers to engage directly with the displays and select educational content suited to their specific interests and needs. Informational videos include a wide range of tutorial content such as operating the lift gate, fueling up with diesel and even performing basic engine maintenance, all of which are localized in English, Spanish or French to suit customers at each rental location.

“Providing this rich content enables Ryder to educate customers about safe vehicle operation when it matters most – at the point of rental,” said Joel Eigege, Ryder Vice President and Global Product Manager for Rental. “Customer education helps reduce the risk of accidents, which minimizes fleet downtime and provides for a satisfying, successful customer experience.”

Ryder prides itself as a very tech-forward organization, with a great deal of technology invested in fleet management and the operation of every vehicle. To that end, the company recently expanded its digital signage network to include the ability for customers to watch and learn on site, but also to email instructional video content to their mobile devices for reference at the moment it’s needed most, when operating their truck. Enabling customers to send videos to themselves greatly decreases Ryder’s reliance on hardcopy brochures and reduces the company’s annual spend on printed materials.

Overseeing network management across hundreds of endpoints tasks CRI with the responsibility of ensuring all displays perform flawlessly with minimal intervention. The importance of network reliability led CRI to BrightSign.

“Although a single display in each location is fairly straightforward at the local level, scaling to hundreds of locations across the country greatly increases our exposure in the event of network downtime,” said Beth Warren, CRI’s SVP Marketing and Retail Practice. “The reliability of BrightSign’s players all but eliminates the possibility of hardware failure and enables us to focus on delivering contextually relevant and educational content to make renting and operating tech-forward vehicles safe and straightforward.”

Google analytics are built into the platform and reviewed monthly, enabling Ryder to evaluate which videos are watched and utilized most, as well as filtered by site, geography, size and other criteria.

“Analytics are a key component of our signage network in that they measure how successfully we’re reaching and educating our customers,” continued Eigege. “Not only can we see which videos are most commonly viewed and downloaded, we can also pinpoint which sites are underutilizing their screens and make necessary adjustments to help them get the most out of this educational content.”

In addition to instructional videos, CRI integrates real-time RSS-fed content, including weather information and local news feeds. Incorporating these real-time content sources grabs the attention of customers in-store and increases the overall value of what’s presented on-screen.

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