BrightSign and Nexmosphere Partner

BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage media players, today announced that BrightSign players have been integrated with Nexmosphere technology to help tempt customers back into bricks and mortar retail stores as they reopen. The solutions, which will be demonstrated online and at ISE 2021, enable customer interactivity with touchless technology using sensors to deliver engaging, memorable and hygienic shopping experiences.

Commenting on the range, Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign, said, “Retail faces a brave new world following COVID. We have spent years encouraging customers to interact with touch-screen interfaces, and now we are finding new ways to deliver exciting in-store experiences. BrightSign players and Nexmosphere technologies together face today’s challenges head-on with forward-thinking technology that is sure to bring digital displays to life without touch.”

To enable touchless navigation of digital content on screen, the new Nexmosphere XT-EF650 AirGesture sensor has been integrated with BrightSign players to register hand swipes. In addition, the AirButton feature detects when a customer’s hand enters or leaves the sensor’s detection field. Installation is simplified with various sizes available, adjustable sensitivity and auto-calibration. Capacitive sensing technology allows the sensor to be placed behind or below any non-metal surface.

Another product integrated with BrightSign players is the Nexmosphere XY-240 presence sensor featuring AirButton functionality. This Time of Flight sensor registers not only the presence of a customer in front of an installation, but also their distance from it. The AirButton sensor delivers touchless user input functionality, allowing the viewer to control their experience effectively and hygienically.

BrightSign players have also been integrated with Nexmosphere’s XC-700 controllers featuring LightMark LED control allowing the ambient lighting to be controlled in tune with the digital signage presentation. Interfaced to Nexmosphere XC-700 series controllers with LightMark interfaces, BrightSign players can control multiple Pixel LED strips, RGBW LED strips or optical audio switching. LightMark LED technology allows for the selection of one of many pre-programmed animation patterns with flexibility to adapt these to suit an installation. The X-Talk interface allows for easy connection with a range of sensors, buttons or other components to create an interactive experience with no additional setup required.

For more information about BrightSign’s complete portfolio of digital signage products, and to view demonstrations of their integration with Nexmosphere technology, visit, or visit ISE in Barcelona (1-2 June – booth # B-110) or London (23-24 June – booth # L-306).

About Nexmosphere

Nexmosphere provides a versatile collection of sensors and actuators designed to transform Digital Signage from mere content on a screen into rich and intuitive experiences. These sensors have an exciting range of interactive applications including retail and museums. Their versatile collection offers flexibility to create unique customer experiences that are cost-efficient to implement on a broad scale. All interactive elements such as pick-up sensors, presence sensors, audio switching and LED lighting can easily be integrated into any Digital Signage platform using a serial or USB connection. For more information, see