Digital signage solutions for schools and higher ed.

Solutions for Education

Empower schools, universities, and colleges with innovative digital signage solutions that enhance the learning experience.

  • Display real-time school news, announcements, updates, and event information
  • Provide interactive learning tools, displays and touchscreens for engaging educational experiences
  • Assist students, staff, and visitors with interactive maps and directions
  • Highlight student accomplishments and showcase their work with digital displays
  • Share educational resources, schedules, and campus information for easy access
  • Ensure visitor, staff, and student safety with campus-wide communications

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Digital Signage for Schools

Capture attention and more share-of-wallet with BrightSign.

Georgia Tech digital signage displaying COVID safety information using BrightSign players

Integrated Campus Digital Signage

  • BrightSign players power over 325 displays across Georgia Tech’s campus
  • BrightSignOS streamlined content management providing ease of use and accessibility
  • The solution helped deliver live-data for schedules, events, dining menus and emergency feeds
  • The comprehensive platform created a scalable solution to meet their current and future needs

The Rockefeller University utilizing BrightSign players to host campus information on screens

University Displays & Communications

  • BrightSign players were strategically deployed to over 48 displays across their campus
  • BrightSignOS powered seamless integration with CMS, enabling content and hardware control in a single platform
  • The platform enabled a broad range of video and graphics, including biomedical imagery being turned into abstract art
  • The unified solution enabled consistent digital communications across the student body, faculty, and community

a young woman viewing digital signage display

Interactive Educational Signage Network

  • BrightSign players provide signage for wayfinding, and enhance integrated lecture halls
  • BrightSignOS enabled live streamed lectures, IPTV streaming across campus, and stunning motion graphics
  • BrightAuthor streamlined processes that made creating, publishing, and managing content easy for the in-house teams
  • The unified solution replaced their PC network, providing them with reliability, security, simplified management

"A rare combination
of reliability and ease
of maintenance."

We specify BrightSign players regularly. They give our clients
a rare combination of reliability, ease of maintenance, smooth
playback and importantly, a choice of software. We joke that
BrightSign’s players will outlast us all, and I bet that’s not
far from the truth.
Jonathan Alger C&G Partners