Digital signage solutions for banks and financial institutions.
Western Union money transfer machine

Solutions for Finance

Elevate customer experiences in banks and financial institutions with cutting-edge digital signage solutions.

  • Display live stock market data and financial news
  • Promote personalized banking solutions and tailored services
  • Provide educational materials on financial planning and investment strategies
  • Offer convenient self-service kiosks for transactions and account management
  • Create modern banking digital signage that instills trust and convenience

Talk to Sales

Digital Signage Solutions for Finance

Deliver real-time data and create revenue with BrightSign.

Bank Informational Lobby Signage

  • Incorporated digital signage throughout their branches to help customers navigate the space more easily
  • Used dynamic and personalized digital signage to promote products and services
  • Displayed real-time new credit card offers and other promotions to encourage customers to sign up
  • Reduced the amount of printed materials they used, saving on costs and reducing their environmental impact
  • Saw an increase in engagement with their promotions and products, leading to an uptick in sales

German Western Union kiosk and customer service station utilizing BrightSign digital signage technology

Exchange Rate Digital Displays

  • BrightSign’s solid-state players were selected to keep support issues to a minimum
  • BrightAuthor was used to configure and program the players
  • Exchange rate information is updated automatically every 30 seconds, automating what was once a very time-consuming task for employees
  • Content Cloud enables content to be customized for each of the 40 branches

"Modernizing finance."

We modernized our digital signage network with BrightSign
because of the reliable, automatic content updates, and
to help us improve our customer experience.
Thomas Zraunig Western Union