Public Spaces

Digital signage solutions for public spaces.
individual portrait of RAPID Tarc machine on 6th Street

Solutions for Public Spaces

Enhance public spaces with impactful digital signage solutions for unforgettable visitor experiences.

  • Display live information on events, news, and announcements
  • Manage real-time emergency communications
  • Provide interactive maps and directions for easy navigation and wayfinding
  • Foster interactive communication between visitors and the space
  • Share informative and educational content relevant to the public space
  • Create visually captivating displays that capture attention and enhance ambiance
  • Enable advertising messages that assist citizens and drive revenue

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Digital Signage for Public Spaces

Improve experiences and engage the public with BrightSign.

Interactive Bus Station Kiosks

  • BrightSign driven displays show real-time information at each transit stop
  • Push button integration deploys audio informing passengers on bus arrival times
  • Powers integrated GPS data connecting the entire network of busses
  • Drives looping content for complete transit maps, weather updates, and ADA compliant interactions

tall BrightSign digital signage banners outside of subway terminal

Environmentally Sustainable Digital Signage

  • BrightSign players power add-ons including e-charging, information boards, and dust sensors
  • BrightAuthor and streamlined content creation, publishing, and management
  • Controls IoT network that monitors air filters, and shares real-time air quality data
  • Fanless platform keeps temperature down, enabling maximized air cooling for the environment

example of BrightSign digital signage allocated throughout Edinburgh Airport terminal

Self Check-In Video Wall

  • BrightSign players reliably power an 85m long, 4K video wall made of 2,240 separate LED modules
  • Displays self check-in, flight times, safety and security messaging for over 14 million people a year
  • Provides the airport stable recurrent revenue with digital advertising space
  • BrightSignOS enables the capability to run single module signage up to an end-to-end display

"The most efficient
signage hardware."

The players are fanless and fit well into confined spaces without
generating too much heat, which would reduce the overall
cooling effect of the unit.
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