BrightSign offers a wide range of networking solutions to update content and easily manage your digital signs remotely.

Versatile solutions to meet any need



Local Network Publishing: Free solution designed for small networks. Distribute presentations and updates to BrightSign units within a single building using a LAN (local area network).

Simple File Networking: Free solution designed for small networks. Distribute presentations to BrightSign units through a web folder.

Control Cloud: A free subscription to that is included with all BrightSign players and offers streamlined player setup, real time player health & controls and your choice of CMS.

Content Cloud: An annual subscription to which includes Control Cloud features, uses BrightAuthor:connected as the CMS and offers a complete set of content & network management tools. 

BrightSign Network:  Our original cloud-based digital signage network service to easily manage your network using the free PC-based BrightAuthor software or browser-based WebUI (accessible from any PC or Mac)

BrightSign Network Enterprise EditionInstallable software version of BrightSign Network. Allows you to host a network instance on your own servers or an AWS infrastructure with Managed Services and access to all BrightSign Network features.


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