Digital signage solutions for corporations.
example of digital marketing panel utilizing BrightSign technology

Corporate Solutions

Discover how corporations enhance employee and guest experiences with dynamic digital signage solutions.

  • Engage guests with captivating and ever-changing visuals and messages
  • Display live information and real-time updates to keep guests informed and safe
  • Promote your corporate identity and values through strategic branded messaging
  • Foster two-way communication between guests and your brand
  • Create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact on visitors
  • Manage conference rooms and other shared spaces

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Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

Communicate effectively and achieve your objectives with BrightSign.

Immersive Video Wall Lobbies

  • Players simultaneously ran 6K video montage, and interactive building directory
  • Delivered frame-accurate synchronization across all 42 displays.
  • BrightSignOS maximized security, reliability, and uptime
  • BrightAuthor streamlined content management, providing simplified live-data feeds

Market Flash on CNBC powered by BrightSign digital signage players

Live-Feed Looping Video

  • BrightSign custom web page displays on a centrally located tablet which serves as a “remote control center” used to toggle between content sources
  • Staff on the studio floor now control background monitors, freeing the control room to focus on critical programming decisions
  • BrightSign’s solid-state digital signage players operate with virtually zero downtime, withstanding the rigors of the studio’s extended operational hours
  • BrightSign’s players enable content to be synchronized seamlessly

FUNXTION play & be fit on BrightSign digital signage

Interactive Personal Training Kiosks

  • The hardware accelerated HTML5 engine made a significant difference to the implementation
  • Enabled complex multi-gesture interactions such as swipe/pinch/zoom interactive
  • Integrated streaming social media and multiple modular assets layered with live TV
  • BrightSign player manages customization through the users RFID wristband then selects and delivers the appropriate training videos

Room Scheduling
Video Conferencing
Video Walls
Reception Kiosks
Break Room Signage

"The soul of
digital signage."

BrightSign players are the heart of our entire ecosystem.
They manage the entire experience, including the connected
RFID customization, integrated social experiences, and
interactive swipe, pinch, and zoom gestures.
Ernst de Neef FunXtion
graphic made up of the dots seen on the sides of the BrightSign XC5