Digital signage solutions for hospitals and medical offices.

Healthcare Digital Signs

Transform medical offices and hospitals with advanced digital signage solutions for enhanced patient experiences.

  • Share important health information, tips, news, and educational content
  • Provide live updates on wait times, appointment schedules, and medical services
  • Help patients navigate the facility with interactive maps and directions
  • Enable interactive patient communication for better patient-provider interaction
  • Create an efficient environment that prioritizes patient care and convenience

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Digital Signage Solutions for Healthcare

Keep patients informed and improve lives with BrightSign.

a family viewing digital signage on wall while in patient waiting room

Turnkey Dental Signage Network

  • BrightSign players drive hyper-local “Screen of Fame” and universal content from corporate
  • Digital signage network created a new revenue stream, and drove profit
  • BSN.Cloud enables content to be customized across all 150 locations
  • The network of signage was so well received that all locations automatically upgrade

example of Unilever using BrightSign digital signage to notify about product allergy warning
Medical Clinic Waiting Room 

  • BrightSign players power timely and relevant video and looping content across 21 clinics
  • BrightSignOS streamlined networking, leading to lower energy usage, no downtime, and enhanced security
  • BSN.Cloud enabled remote control of all content and players, decreasing management and maintenance time
  • The unified solution has resulted in improved patient and visitor satisfaction, and increased awareness of public health initiatives and services

BrightSign digital signage used at St. Mary's Woods in Philadelphia, PA

Immersive Digital Signage Network

  • BrightSign players running advanced HTML5 are used to stream website content for static and touch-screen kiosks
  • BrightAuthor enables content to be customized to meet the needs of every building on campus
  • BrightSignOS delivered easy-to-manage, single networked solutions to display important information with minimal maintenance
  • Flexible solutions enable Mary’s Woods to effectively reach every necessary audience on campus

"Robust capabilities."

The robust management capabilities of BrightSign
enable us to easily push universal or localized content,
and allow us to profit from our signage, and create additional
revenue sources via local business advertising.
Neil Norton Comfort Dental Group