Touch Screen and Barcode Interactive Kiosks

BrightSign digital players are at the heart of new interactive kiosks developed for sportswear manufacturers ODLO to showcase a new range of high-technology cycling undergarments. Customers can explore product features and options via a combination of audio-visual presentations, touch screen interactivity and barcode scan abilities in kiosks designed and implemented by AV integrators Imaculix.

"BrightSign's versatility and ease of use allowed us to easily create a very complex interactive display with multiple interactive devices. In this case, the built-in support for touch screen and bar code scanning - and support of multiple languages - helped us to make the experience effortless and intuitive for ODLO's customers. ODLO is very pleased with the result."- Andy W. Bohli, CEO of Imaculix

Key Facts

Industry: Retail

Location: Retail outlets throughout Europe

Project: BrightSign HD1010 based interactive kiosks built to promote and educate customers about a new line of biking underwear. The kiosk uses both touch screen and barcode scanning interactivity and supports German, French and English languages

BrightSign Solution

  • BrightSign HD1010-based kiosk with touch screen interactivity and barcode scan abilities
  • Supports 24 biking underwear products; each with 5-9 hot spots of detailed information and available in 3 languages: German, French and English
  • Price tag barcode scanner interactivity displays key facts and benefits of the product scanned
  • Product finder feature helps customers easily scan the many products and uses touch screen interactivity
  • The kiosk's display is powered down and up via and RS232 connection and use of a remote control by store managers
  • Utilizes BrightSign Network for content updates and eventually employee training
  • Imaculix used BrightAuthor to create the complex kiosk operation which has about 3600 assets with connections to each other via touch and barcode trigger events.


  • Bring value to the new product line of bike underware by highlight it in a special way
  • Showcase and educate customers on the new padding technology built into their cycle clothing.
  • Small budget, but high-end look
  • High reliability and simplicity in use
  • Networkable for content updates and eventual remote employee training


  • BrightSign's exceptional HD image and video quality
  • Affordability without sacrificing quality or feature capabilities
  • BrightAuthor allowed for easy creation of a very complex interactive display with multiple interactive devices and helped make the experience effortless and intuitive for ODLO and their customers

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