BrightSign supports unusual digital signage column

BrightSign and Project Audio Visual delivered a very unusual cylindrical digital signage column at the Westfield Shopping Centre in White City, London.

Steve Hudson, Sales Director of Project Audio Visual, said, “Curved signage gives customers a great view of advertisements and on brand content, wherever they are standing. Curved displays give the appearance of a wider screen, catching the attention of potential customers even in a large space, such as a shopping centre.”

A major challenge with curved displays is that they are a non-standard format. BrightSign players, with their fully configurable resolution, make it easy to ensure that the content fits the screen correctly whatever the size. “This screen is 820 x 580 format – we were able to set that resolution in the player so that the content wraps around the column correctly,” said Steve Hudson. “The easy and straightforward configuration of BrightSign players in BrightAuthor is a major benefit when we’re working to a tight deadline like this. We simply didn’t have the luxury of using the trial and error approach to find the correct settings.”

The BrightSign media player allows the content to be altered remotely, making it easy for the client to keep up with seasonal branding changes. BrightSign signage offers HD video quality and a solid state platform that can be used to stream presentations and live TV.


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