BrightWall™ & Synchronization

Create an impressive and vibrant impression across multiple displays

dynamic video walls with perfect synchronization

Winner of rAVe [Publications] BEST of InfoComm 2016 Award

  • BrightWall is a powerful drag-and-drop tool within the legacy BrightAuthor PC application that makes building looping video walls in any size and layout very simple.
    • Perfectly synchronize separate videos per display or stretch a single video across all displays using the BrightSign player’s Ethernet port and a common clock.
    • Build video walls by simply choosing the number of displays, specifying the configuration of the video wall and dragging the video(s) into BrightAuthor.
  • The Synchronization event tool in both BrightAuthor:connected and BrightAuthor is used to synchronize the playback of multiple screens for standard video walls.
    • Use this event in conjunction with interactive events to create interactive video walls.
  • Click here to download a BrightSign video wall presentation.

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