Wireless iPad Remote Controllers Manage BrightSign Video and Graphic playback.

AVR has developed a product they've named, TheSolution, which wirelessly controls a BrightSign HD1010 interactive digital media player with an iPad or iPod. Using their multi-touch screens, user can select, play, pause, resume and reset videos and graphics on the BrightSign player from virtually anywhere. BrightSign's open platform gives digital sign integrators the opportunity to build such unique applications easily to provide added value and customization for specific applications. Initially designed for and already a proven success at trade shows, the ipad/ipod BrightSign controller solution has helped demonstrate a number of booth displays with rave reviews.

Key Facts

Industry: Trade shows

Design/Integration Team: AVR, Inc.


  • WarrenZ Productions implemented 35+ BrightSign driven displays throughout the Javits Center in NYC for the Canon Expo using the iPad solution to control their playback.
  • Fisher Price used an iPod version of controlling BrightSign's playback at a recent trade show. Built into a kiosk, the HD1010 would initially loop an attract video, and when attendees select a photo of a specific toy from the iPod, it would initiate playback of a video pertaining to that specific toy.
  • Buick enlisted the help of AVR to control a BrightSign driven video wall installed into the dashboard of a Buick Regal. Using an iPod mounted to the console, the touch screen invited visitors to call up videos on the car's various features while comfortably seated in the car.


  • BrightSign's open platform gives integrators a key opportunity to add value by developing custom solutions to meet specific customer needs
  • BrightScript scripting language allows developers to easily create unique features and controls for any application
  • Highly versatile and reliable BrightSign units make them a clear solution for trade show and exhibit applications without breaking the bank
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