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Only BrightSign provides PC-class performance with none of the glitches
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xd product line

XD230 Networked Interactive


A powerful video engine capable of dual Full HD video decoding, upscaling 1080p video to 4K resolution and simultaneous content playback from local, networked and streaming sources; HTML5 and 3D content support, and UDP networked interactivity.

XD1030 Networked Multi-Control Interactive


Engages the audience with a diverse range of interactive controls such as touch, swipe, GPIO, USB, serial and UDP commands, and mobile devices. Includes S/PDIF output for pure digital and surround sound audio.

XD1230 Networked Multi-Control Interactive and Live HDTV




Includes all the features BrightSign offers plus Live HDTV playback via HDMI input and ATSC/Clear QAM tuner, to capture your audience and keep them wanting more.

HD Product Line

HD120 Basic Interactive



Most affordable, Full HD stand-alone solution that offers solid-state reliability, simple GPIO interactivity and our signature ease-of-use.

HD220 Networked Interactive


Networked digital signage player that offers networked interactivity through UDP commands, easy content updates, live media feeds, flawless Full HD video playback and Ethernet synchronization for video wall applications.

HD1020 Networked Multi-Control Interactive


Advanced, networked interactive model supports live media feeds and a wide range of interactive options including touch, GPIO, USB, serial and UDP commands, and mobile devices.

BrightSign 4K

4K BrightSign Digital Signage Player

BrightSign 4K

BrightSign 4K players are the world’s first ultra-reliable, fan-less, solid-state, commercial 4K digital signage media players. BrightSign offers 3 4K players that each play native 4K H.265 10 bit video files at 60 fps via HDMI 2.0. Pricing begins at under $600 and each model delivers the highest playback standard in the new 4K ecosystem. BrightSign 4K offers all the features and capabilities of BrightSign XD1230 and will be shipping late summer 2014.


Digital Signage Software & Solutions

Audio Distribution


BrightSign AU320 is a commercial audio distribution and management system.

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