Entertainment Venues

Digital signage solutions for entertainment venues.

Solutions for Entertainment Venues

Elevate the entertainment experience with captivating digital signage solutions for venues of all types.

  • Showcase upcoming performances, concerts, and events with eye-catching visual promotions
  • Enable crowd-pleasing scoreboards
  • Assist visitors in navigating the venue with interactive maps and directions
  • Display live updates on ticket availability and seating options
  • Promote food, beverages, and merchandise offerings to enhance the guest experience
  • Create visually-stunning displays that captivate and engage audiences, adding to the overall entertainment experience

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Digital Signage for Entertainment Venues

Immerse your audience and create unforgettable experiences with BrightSign.

World’s First Kinetic Digital Experience

  • BrightAuthor drives exciting content to set the tone for the experience with immersive exterior displays
  • 38 BrightSign XD players bring the groundbreaking masterpiece of digital and kinetic design to life
  • Surround sound audio controlled by the players changes location throughout the experience to navigate users
  • Every second of the experience is driven by perfectly synchronized audio, video, and motion graphics
  • Exceptional robust, ultra-thin design, and expansive storage capabilities saved the customer over $81,000

Ultimate Immersive Movie Experience

  • Approximately 50 screens capable of displaying content unique to the event being hosted
  • BrightAuthor provides a streamlined interface to easily send content to any of the screens located in the lounge
  • Screens are used to entertain members, promote advertisers’ products and also cross-promote upcoming events to drive return visits
  • BSN.cloud controls all connected players and devices from one integrated platform

Cloud-Based Digital Signage

  • BrightSign players power nearly 400 displays across the stadium and practice facility
  • BrightSignOS runs integrated CMS solutions for smooth content management and deployment
  • Deploys real-time targeted messaging and content to any screen in the stadium
  • Supports information signage and menu boards to deliver reliable communication for 50+ events a year

"The best digital
signage hardware."

The BrightSign system was an ideal recommendation as this
was without a doubt the most capable player and offered the
best value for money. The quality has made us commit to
standardizing BrightSign for all future projects.
Terry Podesta 360 Digital