Setup Content Cloud (OS 8.0.15 and above)

1. Download and install BrightAuthor:connected

  1. Download BrightAuthor:connected desktop application

2. Setup account and network

  1. Open BrightAuthor:connected and click Connect
  2. Sign up for as a New User
  3. Validate email
  4. Return to BrightAuthor:connected
  5. Click on the orange Connect button
  6. Sign in, name your network, and click Create

3. Enable the Content Cloud 30-day Trial

  1. Go to the Admin tab
  2. Click the Content Cloud trial button
  3. Once you see confirmation of your trial on-screen, go to the BrightAuthor:connected dashboard

4. Provision Players

  1. Connect your players to a live internet connection via Ethernet
  2. Connect player to screen via HDMI
  3. Power on your players with a blank SD card
  4. Click Activate Device on your BrightAuthor:connected dashboard and enter the Activation Code that appears on the purple screen of your connected display
  5. Your player will now go through setup and reboot several times during this process
  6. When finished, you will see a purple welcome screen

5. Publish Content

  1. Click here to download the Welcome Presentation and unzip it to a location on your computer
  2. Watch this video to learn how to publish content to your player
  3. View our Training Resources for more information on creating and publishing presentations
  4. Check out our extensive documentation
  5. Visit our knowledge base, FAQs, and community from our Support page

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