These modules enable BrightSign players to network using WiFi and operate BrightBeacon via Bluetooth. These modules are self-installed inside the BrightSign units.


WD-104: Dual Antenna WiFi/Bluetooth Module


WD-104: Dual Antenna WiFi/Bluetooth Module

The WD-104 dual antenna Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Module enables BrightSign XT4 & XD4 players to reliably connect to wireless networks and operate Beacons via Bluetooth. The dual antennas provide robust wireless networking performance and add a higher level of reliability to connect to Wi-Fi signals. The M.2 interface connection allows for a simple on-board installation, and both antennas easily screw into the back of the XT4 & XD4 players.

WS-103: Single Antenna WiFi/Bluetooth Module


WS-103: Single Antenna WiFi/Bluetooth Module

This single antenna module implements wireless and Bluetooth functions when installed inside of any BrightSign Series 3 or Series 4 player. It has an M.2 interface connection, supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac protocols.

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