Tutorial Videos

This series of short 4-7 minute tutorial videos will take you through step-by-step training on BrightSign, BrightAuthor and the BrightSign Network. In addition, our online Quick Start Kit is available to download and includes sample project files and content to create your own sample presentations.

1. Introduction

1.1 BrightSign Overview

2. The Basics

2.1. Player Basics

2.2. BrightAuthor Introduction

2.3. Memory Card Exchange

3. Getting Started

3.1. BrightAuthor Overview

3.1.1. BrightAuthor Download and Installation

3.1.2. BrightAuthor Configuration

3.2. Player Setup

3.2.1. Introduction (overview of presentation publishing and distribution methods)

3.2.2. Local Publishing Setup

3.2.3. Standalone and Local File Network Setup

3.2.4. Simple File Networking Setup

3.2.5. BrightSign Network Setup

3.2.6. Update Player Firmware

3.3. Build Your First Project

3.3.1. New Project Settings

3.3.2. Layout

3.3.3. Playlist

3.3.4. Full Screen Presentation Creation

3.3.5. Multi-Zone Presentation Creation

3.4. Publishing Your First Project

3.4.1. Calendar and Scheduling Basics

3.4.2. Publish to a Memory Card

3.4.3. Publish via LAN

3.4.4. Publish with Simple File Networking

3.4.5. Publish Using the BrightSign Network

3.4.6. Publish with Exception Scheduling

3.4.7. Publishing Progress Bar & Firmware Updates

4. Feature Training

4.1. Native 4K Playback

4.2. Powerful Video Engine

4.3. 4K Upscaling

4.4. Live HDTV

4.5. HTML5

4.8. IP Streaming

4.9. IP Streaming Server

4.11. BrightWall

4.12. Interactivity

4.13. UDP Control

4.14. Live Feeds

4.14.1. Live Text

4.14.2. Twitter Feeds

4.15. Geo-Fencing

4.16. Sign Preview

4.17. BrightSign App

4.17.1. Creating Presentations for the BrightSign App

4.18. Remote Snapshot

4.19 BrightPlates™

4.20 Networking Options

4.20.1. BrightSign Network Overview

4.20.2. BrightSign Network Management

5.Advanced Training

5.1 Interactive Presentation Creation

5.1.1 Serial Controls

5.2 Advanced Presentation Creation

5.2.1 Switching Presentations

5.2.2 Dynamic Playlists (Sept 2015)

5.2.3 Media Lists

5.2.4 Linked Zones

5.2.5 Zone Messaging

5.2.6 Media Counters

5.2.7 User Variables

5.3 Logging for Standalone Units

5.4 Setting Player Time

5.5 Proxy Server

5.6 Interactive Video Walls

5.7 Background Event Handlers

5.8 States

5.9 Events

5.10 Converting H.264 to H.265 (Oct 2015)

6. Troubleshooting

6.1. Basic Troubleshooting

6.2. Advanced Troubleshooting

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